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Connecting diners to their local restaurant community with a loyalty currency.

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Are you a restaurant?

We are a community-powered loyalty platform. We bring diners and their local restaurants closer together. 

Save on everyday meals, earning rewards that restaurants near your workplace or university are exclusively offering you.

Dining loyalty ecosystem

Rewarding repeat visits with a restaurant loyalty currency

The CB coin is a 1-to-1 USD token, earned and spent by paying with the cibi card at restaurants. Diners track their CB coin progress in the app.

cibi coin
How it works


Pay with your cibi card

After onboarding the app, a cibi virtual card is created in the user's Apple Wallet to pay at any partner restaurant and be seamlessly rewarded for their loyalty.

When paying with the cibi card, in a single tap, a part of the bill is paid with CBs and the remainder is automatically charged to the user’s linked bank card in the app.



Earn and spend CBs on every meal

Partner Restaurants offer a percentage cashback credited to users as CBs. All tokens earned can then be spent at any restaurant in the cibi network.

Our tiered reward system boosts loyalty: the more you visit a specific restaurant, the more CBs you earn! 

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Restaurants tailor rewards to local communities

Restaurants use cibi's platform to identify their prospects with high loyalty potential, setting special rewards for them.

In the app, users join their affiliations - universities, companies and others -  and earn more CBs per meal.

For Restaurants
Find the right diner
Leverage cibi to discover the organizations/communities around your restaurant that your key consumers are part of.
Higher LTV
Offer tailored incentives to diner groups with higher chance of becoming loyal, increasing retention rates.
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